Year of the Rooster - 2017 Hanbok Illustration

If you've followed me on my social media, my old blog or just about anywhere, you may have noticed that I love the Korean traditional dress, called 'Hanbok'. 

 Year of the Rooster - Korean and Chinese New Year, Zodiac Sign of the Rooster, Gisaeng inspired Hanbok watercolor illustration, with poster prints and postcard available on Etsy.

'Han' is the same as in 'Hanguk', the Korean word for the country itself. 'Bok' means clothing or dress, so a Hanbok is literally a 'Korean Dress'. But don't be fooled by that broad definition. There's a multitude of different styles, depending on the time period, the profession or status of its wearer, and seasonal events.

Most of the designs I use in my drawings are inspired by what nobility wore, since for the largest part of Korean history, that's where the bright colors and rich textures could be found. Other sources are the Gisaeng (artists trained in music, poetry and dance) and shamans over various periods, who, despite being part of the lowest class, dressed elaborately as part of their professions. 

 First step by step image of early watercolor layers for the Year of the Rooster Zodiac Sign illustration. Lady in a Hanbok, Postcard artwork.

While I'll use mostly normal daily-wear Hanbok for my upcoming webcomic, I continue to use the colorful designs of the richer classes in illustrations. 

This illustration of a lady in Hanbok was based on Gisaengs, because even if the dress itself is simple, the intricate hairdo is a typical feature. Since 2017 is the Year of the Rooster in the Chinese (and of course Korean) calendar, I've added a rooster-embossed 'Norigae' accessory, which hangs out from the Hanbok's upper layers. The hairdo itself, and the red ribbon, are placed to remind of a rooster's comb, but I wanted to keep the hints subtle compared to some of my past zodiac sign illustrations. 

 A 'Rooster' zodiac sign Norigae, the accessory often seen hanging over a Hanbok skirt. For the Lunar New Year of the Rooster illustration, this one features a bird embossing and gold pigments.

A 'Rooster' zodiac sign Norigae, the accessory often seen hanging over a Hanbok skirt. For the Lunar New Year of the Rooster illustration, this one features a bird embossing and gold pigments.

For this watercolor illustration, I used my Winsor and Newton watercolor set on Fabriano Watercolour postcard paper in 250g. The rough finish gives the final piece the typical look of an aquarelle artwork, even after printing. 

I was also able to test some new brushes I'd found at a small Korean stationery store. They're each under 2000won (about 2$) so I'm excited to find they work really well for both details and evenly dispensing water. Especially the one on the far right feels luxurious, and I'll go back and get different sizes.

 The poster print vs the postcard print of my Hanbok illustration. The Norigae on the left is one I wore with my own Hanbok a couple of years ago, and inspired the rooster pattern on the drawing. 

The poster print vs the postcard print of my Hanbok illustration. The Norigae on the left is one I wore with my own Hanbok a couple of years ago, and inspired the rooster pattern on the drawing. 

The prints were made on 240g Montblanc paper, with the larger format (A5) on a poster-quality digital printer for more luminous and vibrant colors, and a matte coating for durability. The postcards are simpler digital prints, slightly less saturated, with no coating so that greetings can be written with all sorts of pens. The back of both poster and postcard is blank.

Both are available in my Etsy shop 'evydraws' as of the Lunar New Year  (28th of January 2017)

If you're interested in a look behind the scenes of how I painted this image, the video linked above leads to my Youtube art channel and shows a very, very sped-up version of my drawing process. The actual painting took several hours, despite the small format, though a lot of that time was spent waiting for paint to dry, literally.


Thank you for reading, and if you'd like to try color a Hanbok illustration yourself, I've added a category for free printable files at the top of my page. Just click on 'Printables' and select the 'Manga Coloring Page'. The motive is a simple illustration of two of my own characters from a story set in ancient Korea, so the Hanbok designs are quite different from what you see on the Year of the Rooster illustration. Have fun coloring! 

Postcard Prints of Hanbok Illustration 'Year of the Rooster'

Poster Prints of Hanbok Illustration 'Year of the Rooster'

What's in my Bag - Life Illustration

#WIMB Artist Edition

This was supposed to be a part of the Meet the Artist tag, but hey, you only have so much space on a sketchbook page. 

 #WIMB What's in my bag illustration, the artist edition! I carry lots and lots of sketchbooks, notebooks, my planners and of course pens. lifestyle illustration, artist life & supplies, art materials. 

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. None of the products are sponsored. You can check out my disclaimer here. 

I use two bags: A small one for little errands, visiting friends and going out, and a large one for whenever I see a break in a cafe with enough space and wifi to work in on the horizon.

 Working in public as an artist: My essential bag content for work breaks in coffee shops or when going on short trips. Freelancing means needing a laptop every single day, and I'm always optimistic about finding time to work on storyboards on the side.

What's in my Bag: Work and Drawing

The tote bag was sewn by my mother-in-law and is the most practical, sturdy, and pretty thing. 

I try to not take my laptop with me since it's precious and a bit fragile, but can't avoid it on some days. I bought it since it's super light and travel-friendly, and LG is my go-to and trusted Korean tech brand. 

A very sturdy external hard disc is what allows me to have RAM heavy-hitters like Photoshop running on my laptop, with all my files stored externally. I like external harddiscs that come with their own protective casing and have been using this one by Transcend for the last couple years. 

 I love beauty and makeup, but rarely have time to apply some - going out means carrying a cushion foundation and lipsticks to do my makeup on the go. Also, hand cream and my beloved hurraw! lip balm. #wimb What's in my bag / pouch, beauty illustration.

Korean Beauty pouch for on the go...

The small bag contains my makeup and beauty needs. I rarely use hand cream at home since it makes working with paper a greasy mess (...sorry), so I like to slather it on when I go out!

My favorite lip balm is the 'Hurraw!' bar in coconut and vanilla. I'd eat it if it weren't such a good moisturizer... For some additional moisture oomph for lips, under-eye area, knuckles and nails, the Hanyul Cure Multi Balm is a pricey but very long-lasting investment. I've been using the same tub for two years now, and there's still plenty left.

For the cold winter months in Korea, I use an Innisfree Ampoule Moisture Cushion, and always pack some lip tints or lipsticks to add color to my zombie complexion. 

Shameless plug: I always carry one of my own pocket mirrors.

In My Bag, Everyday:

Above are the things that are ALWAYS in my bag. My old and ailing LG VU 2, with a tendency to just shut down mid-battery, the additional battery I carry just for that, my keys (in true Korean manner: A digital chip for the house door), another hand cream, random pens, sketchbook, and my little collection of credit and membership cards.

I rarely use cash here - Korea is the land of digital money, and I only ever use 'real' bills on the traditional market or when paying in little cafes. 

Depending on where I go, I pack some additional drawing munition:

Brush tip pens for quick sketches, my Paperblanks planner and journal to jot down ideas, smaller sketchbooks for commission drafts, diary sketches, or my Korean vocabulary collection. 

Since my phone's camera hasn't been working for over a year, I got used to lugging my Nikon J1 camera wherever I go. It dents out my little bag, but who cares if you get pretty pics out of it? If there's already too much stuff in my bag, I snatch my husband's phone for the occasional shot.

Last but not least: All the stuff that just pops up in my bags or hands when I'm out and about.

Pens I don't remember owning, coupons, receipts, hair bands and clips, water and/or coffee (let's face it, mostly just coffee) and, strangely, clementines from the local market that get snuck into my bag by the lovely vendor ahjumma. 


That's it! My bags are an orderly mess!

Since most of our friends work, like we do, in gastronomy (cafes, bars, restaurants, bakeries...) I'm very well-equipped when it comes to hanging out in public spaces to chat, drink, and work.

How many bags do you have on rotation? What is the last thing you found in there that you couldn't remember where it came from?  COFFEE OR WATER? 

Meet the Artist - Evydraws

#MeetTheArtist Tag 2017 - Evelyne Park

2017 has started with a cold dust of snow here on Jeju, Korea. Two years after the start of my first blog, online presence in general and instagram in particular, I'm back with an updated #meettheartist post.


Self-Employment, Working from Home, Cats & Marriage

I haven't changed all that much in the last two years. Now 27 years old, I've become more organized, went from working for a publishing company to completely freelance, dabbled in new and fun art styles and adopted a cute street cat called Hedwig. 

By spring, I'll have been married for three years.

meethteartist-thegood 사본.png

Health and Personal

I did switch from an office chair to a standing desk. It's been a bit of a DIY effort, starting out with boxes on a desk, then evolved to a small Korean table on a desk, and is now custom made by my husband. Standing instead of sitting has made such a huge difference to all those neck and back problems that come with being an illustrator, so I'd definitely recommend you give it a try!

In other news, I took my driver's license test here in Korea, in Korean. Oh, the anxiety...!

Favorite Reads

Science Fiction overtook fantasy as my favorite genre fiction. Battlestar Galactica, the Expanse and Star Wars (ok, that's more like Space Fantasy) are where my fangirl heart is at. 


I'm already looking forward to the next #meettheartist tag, come 2018, probably. 

I'd love to see your artist tags or blogs in general - just drop me a message on my social media or leave the link in the comments. To a creative, happy 2017!