Nice to meet you!


My name is Evelyne Park (born Boesch), and I'm a 29 year old Swiss native now living in South Korea on the beautiful Jeju Island, where I work as a freelance illustrator.

I’ve recently gone back to drawing comics, too!  


Currently doing Inktober!

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Changing countries and, not entirely by choice, becoming self-employed right after graduating art school was - and is! - an adventure. I hope to share my experiences on this blog, show you how I overcame obstacles and financially supported myself as a freelance illustrator.

I have been working freelance and for publishing houses for over five years, so I've got quite a lot to blog about. Hopefully you'll find advice that's helpful and inspiring for your own creative journey!

If you're interested in commissioning art for your own blog or brand, contact me at parkevelyne@gmail.com