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#MeetTheArtist Tag 2017 - Evelyne Park

2017 has started with a cold dust of snow here on Jeju, Korea. Two years after the start of my first blog, online presence in general and instagram in particular, I'm back with an updated #meettheartist post.


Self-Employment, Working from Home, Cats & Marriage

I haven't changed all that much in the last two years. Now 27 years old, I've become more organized, went from working for a publishing company to completely freelance, dabbled in new and fun art styles and adopted a cute street cat called Hedwig. 

By spring, I'll have been married for three years.

meethteartist-thegood 사본.png

Health and Personal

I did switch from an office chair to a standing desk. It's been a bit of a DIY effort, starting out with boxes on a desk, then evolved to a small Korean table on a desk, and is now custom made by my husband. Standing instead of sitting has made such a huge difference to all those neck and back problems that come with being an illustrator, so I'd definitely recommend you give it a try!

In other news, I took my driver's license test here in Korea, in Korean. Oh, the anxiety...!

Favorite Reads

Science Fiction overtook fantasy as my favorite genre fiction. Battlestar Galactica, the Expanse and Star Wars (ok, that's more like Space Fantasy) are where my fangirl heart is at. 


I'm already looking forward to the next #meettheartist tag, come 2018, probably. 

I'd love to see your artist tags or blogs in general - just drop me a message on my social media or leave the link in the comments. To a creative, happy 2017!