Writing Weekly Letters | Making My Own Letter Paper Printables

When did you last write a letter?

Letter writing, even and especially in the digital age, can be such a relaxing and rewarding way of communication.

I actually write regular letters to my grandmothers back in my home country. These arrive only after a couple of weeks and anything urgent or important reaches them via the all-knowing, all-powerful family network of Skype and messages, but they are perfect to just relate small events - sometimes they read like diary entries, or are observations of local customs and holidays, and just responses to their letters in turn.

Camellia flower printable letter paper. The original watercolor painting was arranged for different formats and both blank and lined variations. Writing paper printables can be found on Etsy.

Illustrated Printable Letter Paper

I like to elevate both the writing and reading experience by giving the letters a fun touch: Little drawings, stickers or beautiful stationery.

Since I started creating printable stickers, I've come to love using my printer a lot more! Now I printed my own letter papers instead of using store-bought ones.

(Although I have to admit: Korean stationery is the cutest!)

Aquamarine crystal letter paper. Stationery set printable with watercolor gemstone illustrations. Free printables for A5 writing paper. 

Stationery Sets

Recently, I've upped my letter writing rhythm - mostly since I go to the post office a lot, anyway, and throwing in one or two extra envelopes among my Etsy orders really doesn't take much time. For that reason, I've started creating more and more of my own stationery. 

So far, I've only turned existing illustrations into letter paper, but hopefully, I'll have time to make a completely new stationery illustration set soon! These have definitely wet my appetite for more. 

Printable hand drawn letter paper, floral pattern of Camellia flowers in watercolor. Printables available on Etsy by evydraws.

I've added the aquamarine crystal letter paper to the freebie section here. The PDF file contains two A5 pages arranged to be printed on A4 paper and cut in half. 

If you're looking for more variety, the Camellia floral letter paper comes in two variations (large illustrations and floral pattern border), both lined and blank and for US letter size and DIN formats. You can find it in my Etsy shop

Etsy printable letter paper. Camellia flowers in watercolor for a romantic vintage stationery set. Digital download file for A5 and US letter size.

What kind of letter paper would you like? I've got lots of ideas, but am mostly going for floral patterns at the moment! 

Printable letter papers - free watercolor crystal letter paper printable & Etsy digital file Camellia flower letter paper set.  Romantic vintage stationery printables.