Plan With Me April & Korean Stationery Haul

Well, that last post about my bullet journal in March sure turned out to be a long read! I want to avoid a similar image dump at the end of April, so here's a first look at my planner setup for the coming month and the weekly layout I'm trying - with a Korean stationery haul thrown in for good measure.

New bullet journal! I've switched to a white paper blank one and love it so much! Time to be creative AND productive.

My stationery haul arrived and (drumroll) I present: My new hardcover bullet journal!

My new bullet journal! The pattern on this hardcover journal is so pretty and inspired by 'The Wind In The Willows' so I feel like I'm writing a story whenever I jot down my to-do lists.

Isn't that cover art precious? I've got an Alice in Wonderland themed version, too. 

I've switched from my re-purposed Kraft sketchbook to a white, blank journal with the prettiest cover. I actually got a whole set of six books in this style for gifts and storyboard drawings (... and as Korean stationery happens to be very cheap, the whole haul cost less than a single Leuchtturm journal would have. I still would have preferred a Leuchtturm, but really, six pretty books plus one smaller notebook just won out.) and love how many pages await me! 

Pretty hardcover journals, Korean stationery, Alice in Wonderland, Washi Tape, Bullet Journaling.

I got two each of these three motives. Isn't the Alice in Wonderland version so cute? I'll use one as a gift and the other one for storyboard sketches. With over 200 pages, that should be enough space to get a lot of pre-comic work done. #2017goals

My bullet journal and sketchbook, Korean stationery brand. 

Even the back of the books are pretty - though that cat is incredibly creepy. In a good way.

Cat-themed stationery haul.

On that note: Cats! I also got a slim notebook with a cat print and a couple of adorable cat stickers with my haul. I can't wait to put the stickers to good use!

Zodiac star constellation doodles for April in my bullet journal.

Monthly Layout in my Bullet Journal

As with the previous months, my planner setup consists of two journals: One for my 'fixed' plans and stats/reviews, one for daily and weekly flexible spreads and to-do lists.

Nothing changed with the former, but I decided to make my monthly overview even smaller.

Since I've got a variety of different projects coming up, all of which have still vague deadlines, I just really can't be bothered with thinking too much about the minutia of the month as a whole. Also, my in-laws will be staying for a week at one point, we'll probably need to go to Seoul and maybe sell our house, so really, I give up on long-term planning

But hey, I really like the zodiac sign doodles for this one!

Flexible monthly plans, task lists and overall goals in my bullet journal.

Monthly Creative Goals

Instead, my monthly layout consists of weekly to-do lists of major tasks. Broken down into different fields like Art Projects, Etsy and Blogging, these don't have a deadline and I'll just have to finish them sometime during the week. 

This also gives each week a 'theme' so that I can focus more easily whenever I have free time. The theme for week one is 'Historical Dresses'. More on that in a minute!

Journals and pens everywhere! I love getting pretty stationery...

Journals and pens everywhere! I love getting pretty stationery...

Weekly Plans and To-Do Lists 

Based on those overview-task lists I can move into my weekly plans. This is my very first weekly layout in my new journal! 

I decided to keep it really simple. The top features my main goals as taken from the monthly plan. 
As mentioned in my previous blog post, I really like vertical layouts for my daily to-do lists, so I'll be sticking to those. 

Weekly layout in my bullet journal for April.

Sloooowly moving along... 

I do have a system for my vertical to-do lists that works well:

  • Main task on top (doesn't mean that's the most time-consuming one - sometimes just a reminder to upload a video)
  • Roughly chronological list of tasks for the day. Pictures for example have to be taken in the morning, afternoons need to leave time for short stints serving guests at the cafe...
  • New Etsy listings have a line in the lower half for themselves. I've got a huge backlog of prepared sticker motives I want to finish up and upload!
  • At the very bottom I added some exercise plans. I REALLY need to get back into doing Yoga and/or Pilates, and having concrete plans helps me a lot more than a vague 'exercise' task.
Little book tracker in my bullet journal. 2017 reading list - hope that this will grow a lot! 

Little book tracker in my bullet journal. 2017 reading list - hope that this will grow a lot! 

Bullet Journal Tracker: Books I Read in 2017

What else is in my new bullet journal? 
I transferred my little reading list tracker! Audio books are life! I'm 11 books into 2017, all of which were Audible listens. A rainy day drawing while listening to a new book (or an old favorite!) is a good day. 

I continue loving my Sakura Gelly Roll pens. Very cheap, no bleeding and smooth lines. But for really small details like my habit tracker notes or the book titles, I prefer the Muji Pen with its tiny 0.25 tip.

Korean stationery haul for my bujo pen needs. #stationeryaddict

Korean stationery haul for my bujo pen needs. #stationeryaddict

As part of my haul, I also grabbed a couple of pastel colored markers and gel pens. 

Korean stationery haul: Markers and gel pens. I tested them in my bullet journal. :)

All the highlighters apply very smoothly! My favorite has to be the Morris Bamboo Liner with two tips and a beautiful pastel blue color. But the color Sakura Gelly Roll pens have actual glitter in them so I'll be forever torn on how to use these! 

Last but not least, the Sakura Souffle pen is a strange one: It's dark gray upon first application, but then it dries and transforms into a lighter gray that looks like matte pudding came out of a pen. Love it! 

I can't wait to get creative with my weekly spreads! The very first one is simple so that I can get my bearings, but I'll be experimenting during April as a whole. 

Some of my ideas below: 

Coloring page in my bullet journal. 

1. Coloring

I made printable coloring pages with my 'Bonsai' and 'Succulent' doodles, but I want to print them on sticker paper instead so that I can use individual plants as decorations. Not even sure if I'll actually color them or just leave them as line art stickers.

2. Stickers

With spring finally here, I'm in the mood for cute and colorful decorations! On my Kraft journal pages, the stickers had a tendency to stick out TOO much, so now I want to try and integrate them better on my white paper journal pages. 

The daily fashion stickers and coffee stickers above are my new favorites! <3

#the100dayproject A hundred days of portrait drawings! Day 1.&nbsp;

#the100dayproject A hundred days of portrait drawings! Day 1. 

3. Drawings

I really want to make more time for 'just' drawing. Not work-related sketches or pieces for clients, but little doodles and practice sketches just for myself. That's why I'll participate in #the100dayproject over on Instagram

My theme is 'portraits', though I'm just widely applying it to people in general. I've got so many different art styles I want to try, and portraits/figures show those differences the most, I find. 

So there will be sketches in my bujo for sure, too!

Renaissance dress coloring page in progress.&nbsp;

Renaissance dress coloring page in progress. 

Coloring Pages and Historical Fashion Illustration

On that note, I've also decided to follow through with a passion of mine: Historical dresses and fashion illustration! I'm such a fan of intricate clothing and can't even narrow it down to a century or continent... so I'll be drawing a variety of different settings over the next couple of weeks.

(Or months. Let's be real here.)

A few of these would also work really well as coloring pages, so those will be up on Etsy in the near future. 

What's your favorite historical time period? 


I hope you have a productive and creative month! Do you have a personal project that you want to pursue? I can really recommend joining challenges like the 100 Day Project for extra motivation!