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Bullet Journal: Monthly Progress & Minimalist Doodles

Bullet Journal: Monthly Progress & Minimalist Doodles

How is it June already? Where is time going?

Well, thanks to my bullet journal entries for the last months, I actually know how I've been using my time! Whenever I feel like the first half of the year is running by me way too fast, I remember all those pages that document the projects and art I've been working on and feel a lot better and in control. Ain't that nice. 

This motivates me, even more, to keep my bullet journaling habits not only consistent but beautiful to look at and relaxing to work on. Even if I just take five minutes out of my day to write down tasks, the sense of control and purpose it gives me is always surprising. 

Little sticker and washi tape decor in my bullet journal from last month. The monthly layout turned out simple but functional and pretty - I like the soft colors for late spring!

Review of last month's bullet journal...

Let's look back at May: I went with a simple monthly overview of projects, work, blog ideas, and events. While I keep more detailed notes and make more concrete plans in my daily layouts, this rough overview in my (secondary) bullet journal keeps me focused on the most important things. 

Why and how I use two journals together.
Last Month's Plan With Me & Better Productivity Habits
Testing different Weekly and Daily layouts.

Detail from last month's layout in my bullet journal. The simple color accents and washi tape decor made for a pretty but minimalist and functional spread to track my projects and work. The new monthly spread and more creative Bujo ideas are now on the blog! #bujoinspiration 

I also started to experiment with more colors and different pens (all from my Korean stationery haul) and wow, that's one strange learning curve. Here I am, an illustrator, and don't seem to manage a single journal page without smudges or mistakes...

(By the way, the washi tape and stickers used on this monthly spread are from this "Creative Life" printable)

Month in Review and the last couple days of May in my bullet journal. Click on the link to find out which lessons I've learned last month and how I'm planning in my bujo for June! Lots of creative doodle ideas and a printable habit tracker.

May - Month in Review, Self-Evaluation, Lessons Learned

I'd kept that simplicity and minimalist approach during the later half of the month especially. A lot of work kept me from doing anything more elaborate, but I still wanted my bullet journal pages to look neat and inviting. 

A new "layout" - if you can even call it that - is this Month In Review page above. Just next to my initial monthly spread, I listed in simple sentences:

  • Everything that worked especially well or badly...
  • Lessons learned during the month
  • Nice Memories
  • Achievements
  • Ideas for future projects

This month in review page was so simple but actually helped me reflect and make some first vague plans for the coming month of June. 

What I find important when doing these performance evaluations/reviews/mind dumps:

Don't know what you're going to write ahead of time. I had a couple of notes I wanted to make, but then I actually needed to think back and reflect to come up with the points on the lower half of the page. 

Moody & Minimalist. This monthly layout for June in my Bullet Journal, as well as creative ideas for habit trackers, project planning and just doodle art are in my Plan With Me post on the blog!

Minimalist Monthly Spread in my Bullet Journal

The Month In Review page and the simple layouts I'd used then became the foundation for this monthly spread for June!

While some of the plans are set in stone (commission pieces, regular freelance work that I don't even bother with writing down since it's always the same, a trip to Seoul to visit family and friends...) others are more flexible. This is my outline for the month and what I aspire to accomplish.

My monthly layouts are very much focused on work and blogging/Etsy projects. Personal plans - I'll get back to those!

Simple minimalist monthly layout to keep track of projects in my bullet journal! Plan With Me for June on the blog - with a combination of cute creative doodle drawings, productivity-focused spreads and habit tracking ideas. 

Doesn't that look neat? I'm really happy with how this spread turned out! I have room for more projects near the end of the month, but for now the plan is to finish everything with a deadline before going to Seoul, so that I can relax over the weekend. Yay! 

Love how this monthly spread in my bullet journal looks - now, at least. Everything gets messy by the end of the month haha.  The combination of a mint green marker and a simple black gel pen tickles both my inner minimalist and pastel color fanatic, and the tiny doodles turned out nicely, too.  The full monthly bujo setup, my habit trackers, and creative doodle ideas are on the blog!

Freelance Artist & Blogging Organization in my Bullet Journal

There are four different categories on my Monthly Spread:

  1. Commission Pieces
  2. Etsy 
  3. Blog
  4. Youtube

Youtube is definitely just a footnote, though. The time it takes to make videos - and even just setting up for filming while drawing! - is rarely something that I have and want to use for that purpose. But still, I'm nearly done with editing a new Coloring Page Making-Of, so that got a quick note there. 

Commission pieces always take priority (together with regular illustrator freelancing), so they're at the top of the list. While most of the time these kinds of commission pieces don't have a precise deadline, I'm doing my best to work efficiently and constantly. I plan on drawing in a (colored?) time block to the right of each project listed to show how long it takes to finish.

Last month's starry sky doodle habit tracker. Everything got super sparse during week three and four, when I was drowning in work. But I got better during the last couple of days...! My favorite to track is probably the Skincare habit... easiest to do while drawing.  My new habit tracker and a printable version now on the blog!

Doodle Art Habit Tracker

Another remnant of May!

I really loved this experiment of a habit tracker with star doodles, but I've made some changes to the design. Switching from vertical (what was I thinking??) to horizontal, for example. 

I've also added more categories to fill in, since I've really fallen in love with the accountability a habit tracker gives me.

A minimalist spread in my bullet journal! Made with a printable habit tracker page and printable coloring stickers, this simple but creative layout will help me plan projects, track my habits and progress throughout the month - and just be lots of fun to fill in! Love doodles in my bullet journal, and the doodle art stickers are an easy way to keep everything neat and pretty before the pen hits...!

This is it! My Starry Sky habit tracker - I chose to just use the printable version for myself to make sure that the dot grid is neat and to save time. 

If you'd like to try the starry sky habit tracker, I've got the printable file available here

My habit tracker and progress tracking page before the pen! Everything looks so neat, I'm afraid to mess it up haha... A very minimalist but at the same time playful and creative bujo layout for project planning and habit forming!  Find the full Plan With Me, my monthly spreads and more doodle art on the blog. 

But before filling in my habits for the coming month, I wanted to introduce you to the other half of my monthly 'tracking' pages. This one is new, although I've done variations of this in the past. I call it my Progress Tracker. 

While Habit Trackers are a great way to, well, form and keep to good habits, I wanted a way to track goals and achievements instead of 'just' consistency. 

Progress Tracker for various projects in my bullet journal. This works in tandem with my habit tracker on the opposite page for maximal productivity! Personal goals, Etsy ideas, blog post scheduling, self-care... a very intuitive page in my bullet journal.  The little planner stickers add a nice playful touch to the layout!

Monthly Progress Tracker Bujo Layout

I used planner doodle stickers to go with the design of my habit tracker. Something about printed files, be it planner page inserts or stickers, seems to even out my haphazard layouts and handwriting. 

Four planner stickers to symbolize four different aspects I want to make progress in are arranged on this page. 

  1. Etsy
  2. Blog
  3. Learn New Things
  4. ~flower~ Doodle that just stands for self-care and personal!

These allow me to break down tasks that span all of the month into smaller portions - that I then can refer to when writing my daily task lists. 

The Etsy Progress Tracker will get little markers (I'm thinking of doodled flowers!) for each new listing I create.

The Blog Schedule Progress Tracker is an overview of where I stand with the preparation for each blog post - the ones roughly planned in my Monthly Layout. As you've probably seen, I illustrate my blog posts, so there are drawings to be drawn, photos to be taken, edited - and then, of course, the writing itself. 

Progress Tracker page in my bullet journal. Different from my Habit Tracker, this one focuses on accomplishments and skills instead of consistency - making for a powerful duo with my habit tracking, I hope! Little doodled planners to designate different categories, like self-care and studying. 

For my Learn New Things progress tracker, I went with two Korean language categories, one for my portrait drawing challenge, and one for learning new recipes. The last two are self-explaining - I'll just add a little star or flower doodle for each new 'skill' or finished sketch.

Language learning is something I'm not yet sure about how to track. Maybe a quick, tiny note on the time spent doing whatever I was doing? A note on what I learned? It's not like I spend all that much time studying... so there will probably enough space, sad as that is. ;)

The Self-Care progress tracker part is the most vague... I'll probably just add tiny notes or doodles whenever I unlock a new achievement! Like for yoga and stretching, I really want to improve my leg flexibility this month, so I'll write down how that went!

My Progress Tracker is much more intuitive and vague than the Habit Tracker, but I think they'll work really well together as a unit in my bullet journal! 

Working Towards Goals: Habit Tracker Habits of Choice!

Where the Progress Tracker looks as the goals and skills I'm trying to achieve, the habit tracker is the way I'm going about those achievements. By working on them with consistency!

Or at least: Visually documented inconsistency. 

A closer look at my habits for June. I'm looking forward to all the self-care I'll get in! (Please, let it be a lot!)  My habit tracker will be filled with doodled star patterns by the end of the month. The printable file is available in my Etsy shop if you'd like to join in on the doodle fun!

That's the list of habits I'm tracking, expanded from my old list and chosen to help me reach my goals from the Progress Tracker.

My goal isn't to fill in each of those every day - blogging daily would probably kill me - but to see how I feel on days when more of those habits were kept to, how the self-care ones influence my well-being and stress, which habits stick easily and which ones are a struggle...

My printable Starry Sky doodle habit tracker, ready to go for June! I'll be tracking lots of self-care and productivity related habits and look forward to the constellations I'll draw by doing so. :)

So excited to start filling in my habit tracker for June! 

This whole creative but (slightly) obsessive part of bullet journaling reminds me of when I was a kid and would give myself points for doing certain tasks, like a game - I'd even write down elaborate systems! I now realize I've been doing habit tracker-like stuff ever since I started drawing comics nearly 15 years ago. Maybe that's why these playful productivity journaling pages leave me so motivated and optimistic? :)

What are you looking forward to? What are you tracking, and how? There're so many creative bullet journal layouts out there, I can't wait to try more...!

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