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A Month in My Bullet Journal - July's Doodles

A Month in My Bullet Journal - July's Doodles

This was an especially doodle-heavy month for my bullet journal!

From my habit tracker to a doodle challenge, from tiny book drawings to a travel diary - there were just so many occasions that I wanted to capture in pictures rather than words.

The bullet journal really is a wonderful tool to capture ideas and preserve memories. It hasn't even been a month, and already I love looking back at some of my notes - and remember events I'd otherwise have forgotten.

So here we go, a look at all my Bujo pages for June! 

First up, my habit tracker! 

You might remember this one from my "Plan With Me" post a while ago, or even from my first trials with trackers in my bullet journal. I've come a long way, and really, really love this system now.

My 'starry sky' habit tracker has two features I enjoy over the usual boxes/coloring system:

  1. I can draw smaller or bigger stars, depending on how "well" I completed a task. This is so encouraging on days when, yeah, there wasn't enough time for a 20 minute Yoga session - but I did a couple of sun salutations and award myself a tiny star anyway. It's intuitive and flexible. 
  2. The habit tracker looks good (or even better!) if not every single habit is kept every single day. Sounds like a cop-out, but some habits that I track aren't realistic every single day (no-buys, anyone? Daily blogging??) so the patterns that result from me being an inconsistent mess make me happy. :)

See that embarrassing empty streak for my Etsy and Blog category? Shame on me, but I had so much commission work to finish before and after our weekend trip to Seoul that everything else had to be put on hold. Every single project deadline was on the 29th - so I was in total work zombie mode.

If this blog post goes up before midnight on the 30th, I'll give myself a big fat star right there.

Favorite Bujo Page: Book Tracker!

This will forever be my favorite page, really. Not only because doodling those tiny book covers is lots of fun, but because this is such a lovely way to represent my digital-only Audible library. 

Also, just a nice way to just look back at what I've read so far. 17 books this year might not sound like much, but audiobooks are the only way I get reading into my days (nothing is as relaxing as drawing and "reading" simultaneously!) and with each of these taking 12-20 hours to get through, I'm satisfied. 

New additions in June were "Children of Time", "Ninefox Gambit" and "The Bear And The Nightingale" - all great reads if totally different from each other!

I always introduce (and illustrate!) one or two books for my monthly favorites posts, so check those out if some of the doodled covers caught your interest. 

Simple, functional weekly spread in my bullet journal, with a focus on to-do lists and little decorative water and coffee trackers.  More doodle and bujo inspiration over on my blog "evydraws"!

Weekly Spreads & To-Do Lists

My actual daily & weekly spreads this month are minimal and functional, with a theme of doodled tiny patterns to bring some fun and visual interest!

Not my prettiest weekly layout (seriously...) but very functional and easy to just work through task lists!

I'd be the first to admit that this wasn't my prettiest month of journaling (that honor goes to this collection here) but I enjoyed the simplicity. 

The no-nonsense to-do lists kept me on track with the more than ten projects I was juggling (AAaaaAAAaaah) and as a creative outlet, I had my more doodle-heavy pages like the book trackers and more below!

This ugly thing here I call a "Task Progress Bar" - I use these project breakdowns as additions to my bullet journal to-do lists. Much more motivating, especially for long, expansive projects... More productivity and project management tips for bullet journaling on my blog!

This ugly thing I call a "Task Progress Bar". It's perfect for when a project gets too large while still being repetitive. Instead of having a single box reading "pencil" to tick off, I draw boxes for each individual drawing that's part of the project.

Much more satisfying to cross something off each hour instead of after three days!

Little hydration trackers in my Bujo. I added coffee trackers and Instagram posting trackers, too! More creative and productive doodle ideas for bullet journals can be found on my blog "evydraws".

I couldn't NOT add at least a bit of flair to the daily spreads, so my tiny water/coffee/social media trackers were born. 

Starting out with just water (one drop = one glass), I quickly added cute little coffee cup doodles. Next up were Instagram icons for tracking both if and when during the day I'd post.

Oodles Of Doodles Challenge

Since I just mentioned Instagram, here are a couple of my drawings for the #Oodlesofdoodles challenge. I kept with the theme of tiny patterns and delicate lines.

Oodles Of Doodles Challenge in my bullet journal. Half-way done, little doodle drawings for an Instagram challenge. Drawn with my trusted Muji pen. More creative bujo ideas can be found on my blog!

Only half-done at the time when I took this picture. I'll show the complete page in my July Bujo setup soon!

Meal Planning & Food Diary in my Bullet Journal

I'd dabbled in Bujo meal planning before, so when I stumbled upon intermittent fasting and decided to give it a go, documenting the whole experience in doodle form seemed like a great fit!

And it was, for three reasons:

  • Writing down not only what I ate but the time frame, too, was a great tool to actually remember the times... I did variations of 16:8 intermittent fasting, and often forgot at what time in the evening I'd last eaten, so yay, handy notes!
  • Drawing my food reminds me that I'm actually eating. A lot. No need to grumble.
  • I got into the habit of journaling during "breakfast" time - coffee and Bujo time for me. It was meditative and distracted me from all the food on the table lol

I won't go into the details here, but IF focuses on WHEN you eat. Since I chose the 16:8 method, to begin with, that meant 16 hours of not eating (no snacks, no nothing) and 8 of eating. 

Still surprised at how easy this is! I started with IF during a busy period of the month, and since I used less time to think about food, I found it so much easier to stay concentrated. Also, I definitely needed less sleep, cutting down from 7-8 hours to just 6, without an alarm. And had more energy! So in that regard, it was the perfect fit for me, working from home and all. 

Fascinated, I kept up with intermittent fasting while traveling, too, and dedicated another journal page to it. This way, it didn't only serve as a way of meal planning/food journaling, but a travel diary, too! It's great to look back and remember all the delicious food we ate in Seoul.

Travel Bullet Journal Doodles

On the subject of Seoul: I drew travel doodles (again). On short trips, visiting family and friends and all that, there's not much time to do actual travel sketches, like landscapes or urban scenery. But little doodles while tea is brewing in the morning, or while sitting in a cafe? Always possible.

I'll do a full post on my four day trip to Seoul soon (I checked out some delicious vegan restaurants and beautiful museum exhibits) but the double page of travel doodles turned out so nice I wanted to show it here, too. 

Project Management in my Monthly Bullet Journal

Over in my second journal (read more about my double journal system here) I had my minimalist monthly overview. 

I'd hoped to get so much more done for my Etsy shop and blogging... but as you can see with the colored bars on top, projects started to pile up in the second half of the month. 

Monthly overview in my bullet journal. A timeline for larger projects, my blog and Etsy shop, as well as a "month in review" spread to reflect!  I was very busy, productive and active in June, and my bullet journal reflects just that. Find more creative, functional and pretty layout ideas on my blog.

Like last month, I also added a "Month in Review" today, on the last day of June. Divided into personal, work, Etsy/blogging and health, I looked back at what went well, what didn't, what I'm grateful for and what I've learned. Always a nice way to finish the month. 

That's all! (It's a lot, actually...?)

I will definitely do another food diary spread in July, and of course keep up with my usual pages like the reading list and habit tracker. 

What would you like to see more of? I plan on doing a Seoul travel diary post (I've got more sketches and lots of pictures!) and maybe a look at how intermittent fasting is perfect when working from home, sitting at a desk all day, trying to concentrate... 

Now I'm off to give myself that "Blog Post" star for the 30th. Yay!

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