Spooky, Witchy October Bullet Journal Setup

October is nearly here, so I’m excited to show you this new set of bullet journal printables!

If you remember the Habit Tracker House I drew for the beginning of the year, you might be able to guess what’s up this month…

Halloween, magic, and autumn were the inspiration for this printable set and I hope you’re in the mood for spooky mood trackers and witchy stickers.

First up: The Haunted Habits House


This was the page that I wanted to make ever since those habit tracker houses over half a year ago… A haunted house with windows, pumpkins, ghosts, cats, lanterns, and more to color in and track three habits.

Of course, three habits aren’t a lot compared to the usual grid-style habit trackers. That’s why I’m thinking of this one as the “priority” habit tracker, choosing three habits that should come first and foremost in my to-do list.

For October, those will be:

  • Inktober Daily Sketches

  • Yoga / Scoliosis Stretches

  • Instagram (had to neglect my account during the very busy summer so daily posts are a must!)

Spooky Doodles Habit Tracker


This second habit tracker is a classical horizontal grid layout with a spooky twist: Instead of dots, circles, or squares, little doodled illustrations are waiting to be colored in.

Track ten more (minor) habits - I recommend using different colors for each icon!


Of course, a calendar page is a must for any bullet journal monthly kit.

Whimsical drawings of witchy hats, spell books, crystals, tarot cards, ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, moths, skulls, cats and more!

Color them or keep it minimalist and just use this page as-is in your planner or as a little desk calendar.


Next up is the mood tracker.

I haven’t yet decided which four moods and colors I’ll choose, but I quite like this sample color combination of muted pastels. A more fall-themed color scheme with oranges and browns would work well, too.

Since I’ll participate in Inktober and used my Inktober tracker last year already, I actually might just color these with one color to track my Inktober progress - not sure yet! (I’ve got like 10 more hours to decide, guys…)


The complete printable set includes one more page (stickers), so all in all:

  • Haunted House Habit Tracker

  • Witchy Mood Tracker

  • October 2019 Calendar

  • Doodle Habit Tracker

  • Witchy Stickers

I hope you’ll enjoy using these! You can get the entire set with 20% off if you use the coupon code BOOOH - and, of course, the calendar page is available as a free download for my subscribers.