February Bullet Journal - 'Plan With Me' March

My Bullet Journal for February

February is, literally, way too short. Especially the later half just flew by, and all my plans got thrown into the wind due to a short trip to Seoul - not having wifi does that to any freelancer and blogger.

So here's a look back at my planner spreads during February and a look ahead at my bullet journal setup for March.

Experimenting with white colored pencil on my brown Kraft paper journal pages. I need to get white gel pens! February bullet journal daily to-do lists.

Bullet Journal on Kraft Sketch Paper

I switched from my Paperblanks planner to a blank Kraft paper sketchbook. The Paperblanks just always had too little space, which had me put only major tasks into to-do lists. 

The new sketchbook leaves me more room to add in sub-tasks, notes and move things around.

At first, I was a bit skeptical about the Kraft paper. But this sketchbook had been lying around for a couple of years without me ever using it (a shame, really, though I did use colored paper from other sources quite a lot) and finally found its purpose here. I hope to experiment with white gel pens in the future!

Bullet journal weekly overview for February. I love organizing my different tasks according to their fields - work, personal projects, blogging... that one little habit tracker for yoga and exercising looks sad, though. 

13th - 19th Bullet Journal Entries

Since my actual monthly planning is done in another journal (I explain my overall planner and journal setup here) I refer to that one at the beginning of each new week and add in my most important, time-specific deadlines at the very top of the weekly spreads. 

For the example above, I used hand-drawn little frames to contain those most important points, or what I call the 'Focus of the Day'. If I draw those boxes any bigger, I'll start adding in slightly less relevant deadlines and everything gets messy.

Those mentioned 'less relevant' deadlines go below the 'focus of the day'. These are commissions, work deadlines, blog posts I want to write, sketches and drawings that need to get done for said blog posts, and maybe some Etsy products or Youtube videos.

The three little hanging banner doodles were for personal drawings I wanted to finish.

That yoga & exercise habit tracker bar never got filled...

Bullet journal daily tasks and to-do lists. I fell behind on sketching and filming because there was just so much else to work on! 

Unfinished Tasks in my Bullet Journal

As you can see, a few boxes remain unfilled. Shame on me! Those are almost always related to 'sketches', which sadly fall on the very bottom of my priority list. I hope to get better at using left-over time during the day to sketch more, but since the only times when I'm not holding a pen already are when I'm holding chopsticks or coffee cups, that will have to wait. ;)

I also didn't set up the entire 'Work With Me' section to go with my portfolio. Simple reason: I had too much work piled up already to accept new commissions. Yay. I'll get back to this, though.

The last days of February in my bullet journal. Being sick, a trip to Seoul and only rare bouts of working Wifi made this one a bit messy, but I still got all my important tasks done. 

Last Days of February Bullet Journal

The last one and a half weeks of February got only one spread together.

I got a bit of a fever during the first few days, and while I kept working on my laptop, it was hard to actually draw and paint due to dizziness. I did get everything time-sensitive done, but tasks like filming and editing speed painting videos got put off. 

We went to Seoul from the 24th to the 28th for a wedding and to take a bit of the nephew-babysitting load of my mother-in-law. The combination of not having wifi at my parents-in-law's house and a lot of time spent with two little children (have you ever tried using a graphic tablet and Photoshop next to a tech-savvy child? Don't.) made it so that I mostly just caught up on all that sketching I'd wanted to do, pre-write blog posts on my phone and plan for new work in March.

I actually got an exciting new project lined up with drawings needed from March till June - Seoul always means work meetings and new opportunities, too!


Reading List in my Bullet Journal

I love this page in my bullet journal! Keeping track of what I read should be fun over the year. Of course, these were all audiobooks - I listen to those while painting or drawing. It's been forever since I actually sat down with a paper-and-ink book in hand (the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson is still unfinished due to me switching from audiobooks to softcover for the last book. I'm just stuck.) but I can't live without constantly consuming stories, so audiobooks are my way. 

So far in 2017, I've re-read (or re-listened) to two out of the six books in The Expanse series, the second "Caliban's War" and the fifth, "Nemesis Games". Those are my two favorites (I think?! So hard to choose!) in the series. I'd already re-read the rest in anticipation of the last release back in December 2016. My favorite running science fiction/fantasy series, hands down, and something that warrants re-reading multiple times just to catch all the details and intricacies. 

I'm currently in the last parts of American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Love the setting and writing, but have to be able to focus on this one so most of my drawing work is actually too distracting. Same for The Color Purple.

Instead, I inhaled Six of Crows and its follow-up, Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo - more on those in my upcoming February favorites post. And now I'm hopping through Truthwitch and Windwitch. YA books are perfect for semi-concentration (if that's even a word) but I'm a bit picky, so I'm extra glad I found new crack that doesn't make me want to slap characters every couple of scenes. 

Monthly bullet journal setup for March - with the motto 'Flexibility' since the later half of the month will probably be a mess due to moving to a new place. Keeping it small, simple and minimalistic, focused on to-do lists instead of daily goals. 

Bullet Journal Monthly Spread for March

Back to the other journal! Here's where I keep all the important stuff. As you can see, my March calendar isn't yet filled in completely. Actually, I had to keep the latter half empty since we're in the process of selling our home - whenever that actually happens, I have to be ready to throw everything else aside and move to a new place. While I do have some long-term projects lined up, they are flexible (or unpredictable) enough to not warrant fixed day deadlines. Or I pushed them ahead to be done before mid-March.

This is why, for this monthly spread, I instead focused on to-do list boxes below the calendar. That way I can keep track of projects without assigning them specific days.

Monthly Motto : Flexibility

As you can see, the overall motto for this month is 'Flexibility'. My daily routines might be very steady and strict (I want to get into that in a future blog post) but the overall month just has to accommodate a possible move in the later half. 

Bullet Journal spreads for March - monthly and weekly/daily overview. I like to keep it tiny and simple, and since I hate going back and forth between pages, I'm using two seperate journals.

March Blogging, Drawing and Etsy Goals

Based on those meager dates in my monthly overview, I can start building my daily task lists. Since I fell behind on blogging during those days low on internet/high on fever, that will be my focus in the first week of March. I actually got a lot of half-finished posts just waiting for their turn!

Then, of course, there are open commissions, freelance work, drafts and sketches to be sent out, and Etsy orders to be shipped. On that note, March 1st already caught me off-guard since it's Independence Movement Day in Korea and the post office was closed. 

I recently started selling printables on Etsy and want to grow my available files in March. I'm especially excited for a crystal-themed planner sticker set I'm currently painting! 


If you'd like to get the monthly printable calendar (as well as a wallpaper for your desktop and mobile phone!) subscribe to my newsletter and I'll be sending out the files. This month's cat advice and illustration is this one:

Cat illustration featured on my March printable calendar, desktop, and mobile phone wallpaper. Advice courtesy of Hedwig, my very street-smart cat. Illustrated in watercolor.

Cat illustration featured on my March printable calendar, desktop, and mobile phone wallpaper. Advice courtesy of Hedwig, my very street-smart cat. Illustrated in watercolor.