Monthly Favorites - January Journal Sketch

Monthly Favorites - Sketchbook 

I can't believe January is already over and done with, but here we are! I decided to bring back my monthly favorites sketchbook entries - especially for this year, since I'm starting this separate art blog in connection with my previous beauty/art/anythinggoes blog

So, what made me happy in January? What made you happy in January?

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  • Family visit - my in-laws came down from Seoul, with my cute little nephews in tow. Cue one week of improvised drawing lessons for pre-schoolers, Korean cooking all day long and getting all my illustrations and work done between 10pm and 4am. Still fun!
  • My DIY standing desk! This is the holy grail for drawing all day long. For half a year, I've just put some boxes on my desk, but now my husband made this wooden table-to-put-on-the-table and it's perfect.
  • SKINCARE: Found a huge old tube of L'Occitane Creme Mains and need to use it up before the expiration date is too far in the past (cough). No regrets when slathering this on! 
    For the cold and dry winter months, I've been loving Jojoba Oil. Mine's from a Korean brand called 'Sidmool' - they have a wide selection of affordable, natural skincare and I've been there devoted customer for the last year.
  • FOOD: Jeju island is famous for its mandarins, clementines, oranges and whatever mix of those you can imagine. We get them from the local farmer's market for cheap! Combined with a huge package full of avocados - Korean gifts nearly always come in the form of food - and strawberries, I've been getting my vitamins the delicious way.
  • PRODUCTIVITY: Just the pure joy of a fresh planner and journal, and discovering how to make my own printable planner stickers.
  • Image Comics had a digital sale just before New Year, so I got myself e-books of SAGA, Rat Queens and The Wicked & The Divine. I fell in love! So I used a coupon I'd saved for just an occasion like this one to grab three print books from the Korean bookstore Kyobo. They do import some of Image Comics books, though the prices are a bit higher. 'Monstress' is my favorite!
  • Making videos again. Finally (if temporarily) being in possession of a work space with enough light and room to film had me dive back into programs I've been ignoring for months, like Adobe After Effects. 
It's temporary, but I've got a huge desk with lots of light! Desk situation @ evydraws 

It's temporary, but I've got a huge desk with lots of light! Desk situation @ evydraws 

  • AUDIOBOOK: In giddy anticipation of TV season 2 of The Expanse, I've been re-listening to the whole book series last year, with the newly released BABYLON'S ASHES as the crown jewel in December (finally!). These books...! Hands-down my favorite series going on (yes, it overtook A Song of Ice and Fire for me) and while the TV series doesn't go at the same break-neck pace through its plot, the setting and performances make up for that minor flaw. Go read! 

I've also started American Gods by Neil Gaiman and while I'm not far into it, the whole concept appeals to me so much. Gods and mythology interwoven with our present reality? You've got me.

What are your January favorites? Do you listen to audiobooks? They're my go-to solution for long hours of painting and I'm always on the look-out for new ones, if you have any recommendations!

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