In Our Name

Kassandra, In Our Name, Character Design for webcomic, Evelyne Park manga, watercolor portrait illustration of a priestess


A rare case of a semi-realistic portrait. The initial sketch was supposed to end at the eyes and head-dress, but since there was a lot of white space left to fill on that A3 sketchbook page, there it went.

She's a main character of a story I've been planning for a while ("In Our Name") and I can't wait to draw her and all her twisted, over-the-top decisions. As a priestess with a flair for the dramatic, she's incredibly fun to plan out scenes for. 

A3 sketchbook, watercolors, pencils, colored pencils and watercolor pencils.

Lesson learnt: Don't try elaborate watercolors on cheap sketching paper. Everything will be a mess and the paper will dissolve. To save the drawing: Continue with watercolor pencils (they require less liquid to give vibrant colors) and when even that gets impossible, switch to normal colored pencils.